Jupyter, NumPy and PandasTraining

by Johannes Häfner

online (Data Science Center ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig)


Data Science Center ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig

Humboldstr. 25, 04105 Leipzig

A large part of the challenges that scientists from different domains work on require some kind of data processing. The computer programs used for this are often complex and rigid in their use. The Python programming language with its packages Jupyter, NumPy and Pandas offer an alternative for flexible and thus application-specific processing of data, with relatively little effort compared to the results. For people who only program occasionally, Python is a good choice because the code is easy to read, and the internet is full of examples. Once respective Notebooks (Python applications) have been created, they can easily be adapted to new data.


  • Motivation and basics of data processing 
  • Using Jupyter Notebook for data analysis 
  • Using NumPy for efficient data analysis 
  • Interactive data processing with Pandas 
  • Summary and feedback 


  • Basic knowledge of Python in version 3.x 
  • Laptop with internet access - equipment can be provided on site if required (please enquire as numbers are limited).

Learning Outcomes: After the training, participants will have a better understanding of the Python packages Jupyter, NumPy and Pandas and can make use of them in data processing.

Course language: German

Target group This training is aimed at people who work with data and are interested in processing data with Python.

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