Machine Learning for BeginnersTraining

by Anja Neumann

online (Data Science Center ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig)


Data Science Center ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig

Humboldstr. 25, 04105 Leipzig

Machine Learning can be used to identify underlying relationships in data - "the algorithm learns from the data". These relationships can be used to make predictions. In this training, the basic procedure of Machine Learning is explained using the example of a linear regression. In particular getting an overview of the data, selecting suitable features and feeding the data into the algorithm in order to be able to make predictions.


  • Motivation and theoretical basics on Machine Learning and trainings goals (10%)
  • Interactive hands-on tutorial covering insights on the data, feature selection and applying a linear regression model (90%)


The following documents (slides, sample applications) will be provided to the participants:

  • PDF of the slides
  • CSV file with Spotify data used for the analysis
  • Jupyter Notebooks with tasks and solutions


  • Basic knowledge of Python in version 3.x
  • Basic knowledge on how to use Jupyter Notebooks
  • Basic knowledge of the Python packages NumPy and Pandas recommended
  • Laptop with internet access - equipment can be provided on site if required (please enquire as numbers are limited)

Learning Outcomes: After the training, participants will have basic knowledge of Machine Learning approaches and be able to use a regression model to predict values.

Course language: German

Target group Anyone regularly working with data, some programming experience in Python and an interest in the application of Machine Learning.

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